This lone mushroom stands amongst a floor of leaf litter.

Solitary – 14″x11″ – framed – $120.00


A beautiful, iridescent beetle has been captured for just a single moment among the leaves.

Minimal – 12″x16″ – gallery wrap – $120.00


Large enough to satisfy, this hamburger with its unique ingredients looks good enough to eat.

Yearning – 20″x16″ – framed – $130.00


Hidden in the forest is this clumping of mushrooms.

Council – 11″x14″ – framed – $140.00


Gripping dynamics from the ocean caught in a single moment.

Fury – 30″x40″ – gallery wrap – $325.00

Rolling Hills

Stratified layers almost speak to a rainbow. Heavy golds and light are layered above a blue distant hill with a green hill closer to the viewer.

Rolling Hills – 40″x30″ – gallery wrap $300.00

Hushed – Sold

An undefined background sets off this single subject portrait of a stationary frog. This realistic frog dares to stare directly at the viewer.

Hushed – 10″x 20″ – framed – $150.00

Inquiry – Sold

On a grassy back drop is this happy goat. Foreshortening allows the subjects head to be closer to the viewer than the body.

Inquiry 14″ x 18″ – gallery wrap – $115.00

Steam and Iced (Diptych)

Two companion pieces in the coffee genre. Steam captures that warm, frothy cappuccino while the next piece gravitates to a cold, iced coffee.

Steam – 14″ x 11″ – gallery wrap – $135.00


Iced – 14″ x 11″ – gallery wrap – $135.00


A strong light captures the active splash of beans falling into a cup. The fallen beans are gathering on a highly reflective surface which is shown beautifully through the strong reflections.

Splish – 16″ x 12″ – gallery wrap – $150.00


A very moving piece which captures the rise and fall of an ocean wave. The colors are tropically bright and very alive.

Assent – 40″ x 30″ – gallery wrap – $350.00


A nondescript background puts all the attention on this lone peacock. A unique view which captures the attitude of very observant bird without relying on its beautiful plumage.

Witness – 16″ x 12″ – framed – $115.00


The large subject matter allows the viewer to be very close to the questioning face of a lone sheep. Another playful look at a barnyard animal.

Wonderment – 14″ x 18″ – gallery wrap – $115.00

Whig Party – Sold

A direct stare from the predominant turkey pulls the viewer in. The distant background is unimportant as the quiet presence of the subject draws on quiet stillness.

The Whig Party – 20″ x 16″ – gallery wrap – $125.00

Observation – Sold

This donkey looks directly at the viewer almost asking a question. Distortion is used to pull the viewer into the painting. A vague background keeps all the attention on the subject.

Observation – 18″ x 14″ – gallery wrap – $115.00

Goosed – Sold

Painted with a classical dark background this goose is the only object for the viewer to see. It is a strong image and provokes the viewer into interpreting what the goose may be thinking.

Goosed 11″x14″ – framed – $115.00


Perched on top a rock outcropping, the viewer looks out over a peaceful expanse to see the mountains in the far distance. The movement in the sky is echoed in the movement of the flock of birds as they travel across the scene.

Solitude – 12″x24″ – gallery wrap


With a fogged in background, the emphasis in this painting is solely on the subject. A bit of the sweeter side of this backyard llama comes out to greet the viewer.

Cropped – 18″x14″ – gallery wrap – $115.00

Berry Fine

An unusual grouping of large, ripe fruits that look juicy and fresh. Remind the viewer of summertime and the simple beauty of its bounty.

The subject is placed in front of a modern background to give the viewer another unusual surprise.

Berry Fine – 30″x40″ – gallery wrap – $275.00

Half Full

Perched into the middle of a bountiful sunflower is this husky fellow getting his fill. The day’s bright light is brought out in the yellows of the petals and the skylight filtering through the background trees.

14″x18″ – Half Full – gallery wrap – $115.00

After Fall

Filling the entire canvas is the beautiful colors of Autumn. Bright reds, golds, and yellows mix with a sparse background to bring the subject very close to the viewer.

12″x12″ – After Fall – framed – $90.00

DeBord Falls

A beautiful Fall day offered this view of DeBord Falls at Frozen Head State Park near Wartburg, Tennessee. This Plein Air painting shows the viewer the colors of fall, a limited water flow, and a clear, cool pool.

12″x12″ – DeBord Falls – framed – $90.00