Half Full

Perched into the middle of a bountiful sunflower is this husky fellow getting his fill. The day’s bright light is brought out in the yellows of the petals and the skylight filtering through the background trees.

After Fall

Filling the entire canvas is the beautiful colors of Autumn. Bright reds, golds, and yellows mix with a sparse background to bring the subject very close to the viewer.

DeBord Falls

A beautiful Fall day offered this view of DeBord Falls at Frozen Head State Park near Wartburg, Tennessee. This Plein Air painting shows the viewer the colors of fall, a limited water flow, and a clear, cool pool.

Merry Pig

Sparkly clean and ready for her debut is this wonderful pig. Ready for about anything this pig looks upon the viewer directly as if waiting for a response.

Tiger Time

Open in the heat of the summer, I found this beautiful tiger lily. Amongst other flowers in a wild flower garden was this gem.

Autumn Drop

During the Fall the leaf litter gathers. Acorns and other detritus accumulates amongst the leaves. At the beginning of the season the leaves offer many colors. This painting captures the shapes and shadows on a simple colored background.

Harvest Gathering

Fall is definitely in the air. Leftover straw from the hayride and apples galore from the harvest. The rich golds and warm highlights all come from the abundant sunshine.

Sky Flier – Sold

Somewhere between the open sky and the solid earth is suspended this lone humming bird. This piece is meant to cause the viewer to question life and existence. Is there water or is the reflection a trick of the atmosphere? Are the clouds reflecting or is there a mist?

Quietude – Sold

A silent moment in time captured without the influence of sky or changing weather. The far distance and the fields are engulfed in a light fog leaving that portion up to the viewer. A few small flowers take center stage without filling the canvas. The scarcity of subject matter lends to the tranquility of the… Continue reading Quietude – Sold

Winter Aglow – Sold

This peaceful scene captures a winter sunset after a snow. The warm reflections of the sky are captured by the melting snow and the cool pink in the snow and distant trees.

Fresh Dew – Sold

Capturing that minute of peace when a foggy mist has blurred out the scene only to leave the viewer with this few moments of Fresh Dew. This alluring background takes second place to the rhythmic dance that the spider has spun.

Royal Rumble

Fishing is such a calm and tranquil activity, this painting offers a little of that with the possibility of a dynamic change in the sky. The exciting reflections in the water show the potential excitement above. The viewer can either watch from the shore or ride along with the lone fisherman on the lake.

Mellow Mimic

This parrot’s eye may follow the viewer a bit too close for comfort. The feathers flutter in a very real way almost giving off sound. The background is in colors seen in many classical portraits.

Green Rush

A high pool and three water sources feed this tumbling water flow that engulfs the viewer. Crisp greens and cool mauves bring out a feeling of the springtime in the moss and water. It is very easy to hear the sound of the rushing water and the quiet of the solitude of the moment.

Vast Oasis-Sold

A wonderful panoramic of the Southern foothills. The interesting sky follows the day encompassing both dawn and dusk. The road on the left brings the viewer into the scene between the tree lines.

Alaskan Summer – Sold

Private Commission from a photograph at Mirror Lake, Alaska . Green abounds in this breathtaking Alaskan mountain along with crystal clear water and timber reflections. Alaskan Summer – 40″ x 30″ – gallery wrap

On June Lake – Sold

A commissioned piece from a private investor of June Lake in Mammoth, California. An original snapshot from a meaningful time in their life. The encompassing fog and reflections challenged me to capture the essence of their experience. Working from personal photographs for commissioned work is an enjoyable process. The challenge in this type of work… Continue reading On June Lake – Sold