Show at Mayors’ Office in Knoxville, Tennessee

This show is hanging in the office shared by both City and County Mayors.

Sunflower Slice is one part of a series of four paintings. Each of the paintings is a particular hue. Each color is represented by a close-up flower section, bright light, and that particular hue. Yellow is represented here along with a bright sunflower. A small canvas was chosen in order to restrict the larger image of each flower.

Tulip City is reminiscent of rows of soldiers marching forward, right up to the viewer. The fresh aroma rising from this sea of tulips is carried along on the wind as these flowers begin to awaken.

Sunflower Slice – 9″ x 12″ – framed – (one of four) – Group of four has Sold
Tulip City – 10″ x 20″ – framed

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